GeoTrail Frignano

GeoTrail Frignano

21 geocaches awarded by the Cultural Heritage Emilia Romagna

21-08-2016 Hits:385 Geocaches

rocca di vignola geocaching

Rocca of Vignola

A geocache hidden in a real treasure chest inside a medioeval castle

21-08-2016 Hits:344 Geocaches

Vista dalla Torre Asinelli - Photo Sphere by Matteo Cominetti

Torre Asinelli Bologna

Geocache hidden inside the Asinelli tower, the highest medieval tower in the Word. D1,5/T2

21-08-2016 Hits:429 Geocaches

geocaching logbook


We invented a beautiful logbook with 32 pages

19-04-2014 Hits:795 Resources maps

New maps for geocaching in Italy

23-08-2016 Hits:375 Resources

Via degli Dei geocaching

Via degli Dei from Bologna to Florence

A hiking from Middle Ages to Renaissance along a Roman road. D5/T5

21-08-2016 Hits:445 Geocaches

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About us is point of reference of geocaching in Italy: geocaching maps, search tools, tutorial, informations, events, geocache, territorial marketing, fresh air.
We consider geocaching a game, nothing more, and therefore we live and we play it as pure fun, a hobby capable of taking us out of everyday schemes and routines. Beside maps, lists, tools, themes and stats, a visitor may come across slightly bizarre or crazy sections, or inventions that we will regret... We hope that you won’t mind.
It is a treasure hunt where you go really looking for a container hidden in the real world. You can play it with a GPS or specific Apps. In Italy more than 20,000 geocaches are hidden!
The container is called geocaches. There are containers of every shape, size and difficulty. Each geocache contains a logbook to be signed that is the aim of the treasure hunt.

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It is the international official website of geocaching. It manages the worldwide database of geocaches and makes it available to registered users. There are two types of membership: free and premium.

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Here we are! A website about geocaching in Italy. All geocaching data is used with permission of

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