Via degli Dei from Bologna to Florence

A hiking from Middle Ages to Renaissance along a Roman road. D5/T5

A hiking from Middle Ages to Renaissance along a Roman road. D5/T5

Via degli Dei (Way of Gods) is a trekking from Maggiore square, in Bologna, the main city of Emilia, to Signoria square, in Florence, the main city of Tuscany. The whole road is on the ridge of the Appennies and reaches meaningful naturalistic and archaeological sites. Along the trek, footpaths alternate with muleteers and paved roads, sometimes being a strong contrast between natural environment and men-made one. The path go through little towns and villages that may be milestones refreshments. It’s a very challenging and demanding hike, 150 km long with 5.000 meters climb. Usually people walk it in 5 stages but this is an expedition for trained hikers. Indeed it’s possible to divide it in a greater number of steps.

 VDD altimetria

You can find the Final in Florence historical city center, in railway direction. You can reach Final coordinates by collecting clues consist of 18 virtual steps.
Each clue correspond to a number you can use to calculate the next step. The calculations are deliberately very simple, only additions and subtractions. It’s required to keep all numbers for the whole trek because some of them could be useful to unveil the final key.

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Last modification: Mon 3 Oct 2016

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