Val di Zena GeoTrail

Discovering a small Valley just out the doors of Bologna.

Discovering a small Valley just out the doors of Bologna.

Val di Zena is a valley of great charm set on the first outskirts of Bologna and is known as a paradise for lovers of hiking and horse riding, as well as road and mountain biking routes.
Walking along the Zena Valley is a fascinating experience because of the diversity of hilly landscapes that range from the woods, seeded fields, glittering plaster formations, yellow arenae walls, and wonderful badlands.

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The geortail we propose is suitable for everyone, and can be run in one day either by foot or by mountain bikes; these are the means we prefer and we suggest to fully enjoy the spell of this territory.

Val di Zena is interesting not only for its landscape, but also for its history and archaeological witnesses: through this valley we will discover whale fossils, enchanted castles, mysterious towers, abandoned villages and cemeteries, natural wonders, fascinating characters and a small wonderful museum in which is forbidden do not touch with your hand.

The geocaches 

1. Moby Dick o la Balena
2. Gorgognano lost place
3. La chiesa scomparsa
4. Il Castello di Zena
5. Torre dell'Erede
6. Il Museo dei Botroidi
7. Sasso pliocenico
8. Monte delle Formiche

GPX traks

1. Val di Zena's badlands (foot/mtb, 11km +500m)
2. Botroides and Monte delle Formiche (foot/mtb, 13km +800m)
3. Geotrail in mountain bike (mtb, 29km +1300m)


Il GeoTrail Val di Zena è inserito nel programma di IT.A.CÀ 2017 Festival del turismo responsabile: un importante riconoscimento al geocaching come forma di turismo sostenibile e consapevole.
GeoTrail Val di Zena is a project included in IT.A.CÀ 2017 Responsible Tourism Festival: an significant honour for geocaching as a form of sustainable and aware tourism.

Geocaching Val di Zena


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