What is geocaching

The geocaching briefly.

The geocaching briefly.

Geocaching is the technological evolution of treasure hunt. It consists of looking for an item, called geocache (or simply cache), hidden in the environment (city, park, trail, forest, cave, wall, and so on and so forth) based on GPS coordinates. As you might guess, there are different types of geocaches with different difficulties, ranging from simple, requiring only a few minutes to be discovered, to the most complex that may require solving complicate puzzles or go to places that are hard to reach.

1Find geographic coordinates and geocache description on line.

geocaching 01

2Go exactly on the site to look for the geocache, and sign the logbook.

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3Share your experience on the web telling your story.

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Nowaday in Italy are published over 20.000 geocaches scattered throughout the whole country.

Have a good hunt!

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