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Create your free geocaching account

Create your free geocaching account

The screenshots are in Italian, sorry...

I. Home page

1. Set your language
2. Click Sign Up

II. Data entry

1. Write your Email, the Email should not be used by other geocachers
2. Write your UserName, if you want you can change it in the future
3. Choose a password
4. Agree the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
5. Click Create an Account

III. Instructions for validate account

1. Follow the instructions 1-3 indicated on the website. You will read the email and confirm your subscription

IV. Validate account

Open your Email and read the message sent by
1. Click Validate Account, you will be redirected to the website with your new account

V. Start playing

1. You can customize your profile with pictures, home coordinates, etc.
2. Search the millions of geocaches worldwide!
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