New maps for geocaching in Italy

New maps for geocaching in Italy

Tematic geocaching map: Published, Archived, FTF, Event. Maps of Italy, San Marino, Vatican City.
The maps are update daily and they have a various dynamical tools: filters, geolocation, coordinates output in format, 0.1 miles (161 meters) radius.

Maps of geocaches Published

mappa geocache attiveThe map shows all geocaches published in Italy. The map is updated once a day.


Maps of geocaches archived

mappa geocache archiviateHistorical map of archived geocaches. Maps show all archived cache in Italy until now and representing the history of geocaching in Italy.


Maps of geocache FTF

mappa geocache first to findThe map shows geocaches FTF in Italy. Good hunting!


Mappa of geocache with Trackables

mappa geocache tracciabiliThe map shows geocaches with TB: GeoCoin and TravelBug.


Maps of Event and CITO

mappa geocache eventMap and list of Event and CITO in Italy. Show also geocaching calendar.

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Last modification: Wed 28 Sep 2016

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